The Dan Hole Pond Watershed Trust was established in 2000 to preserve the quality of the natural resources, wildlife habitat, and beauty of the Dan Hole Ponds watershed area of the Ossipee Mountains in the towns of Ossipee and Tuftonboro. Since then we have expanded our focus area to include the southern foothills of the Ossipee Mountains and other areas of Ossipee and Tuftonboro not already served by other conservation organizations.

We are an all-volunteer land trust and a member of the national Land Trust Alliance and the New Hampshire Land Trust Coalition. Since 2001 the Trust has protected over 800 acres of forested wildlife habitat within the town of Ossipee by purchase from willing landowners and by accepting conservation easements on landowners’ properties. We can also accept gifts of land that generous landowners may want to conserve. Either way, we ensure that the lands will be conserved in perpetuity. We work closely with the Ossipee Conservation Commission to accomplish our mission.

Since its inception, Dan Hole Pond Watershed Trust has grown to over 300 members and supporters. Our members have actively contributed to all of our land protection projects within the watershed. We have raised over $700,000 from members, foundations and other supporters for six major land protection projects since 2001.

The Dan Hole Ponds Watershed

The Dan Hole Ponds are two high quality lakes nestled within the Ossipee Mountain forests in central New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. The lakes and their tributaries feed into the important and ecologically sensitive Ossipee aquifer that is the largest stratified drift aquifer in New Hampshire. This type of aquifer lies below layers of sand and gravel so is easily replenished by rainwater, but also contaminated by pollutants on the surface. Big Dan Hole Pond is one of the deepest lakes in New Hampshire at 126 feet and over a mile in length. It has remarkably high water quality. Little Dan is downstream from the big lake and is the source of the Dan Hole River. Preservation of the Ossipee Mountains goes hand-in-hand with the protection of the water resources of these magnificent lakes. The Ossipee Mountains area comprises a forested area of approximately 43,000 acres encircled by one of the finest “ring-dike” mountain formations in the world.